Presentations, & Speaking: Diversity and Equity training


  • Easton-Brooks, D. (2019). Ethnic-Matching: Academic Success of Students of Color. Keynote for Council of Academic Deans from Research Education Institutions (CADREI).
  • Easton-Brooks, D. (2017). Change in school demographics: How do we move forward? Keynote for the South Dakota Education Conference Annual Kickoff.
  • Easton-Brooks, D. (2017). Workshop on Culturally Responsive Practice. South Dakota Education Conference.
  • Easton-Brooks, D. (2014). Keynote speaker, 3rd Annual Celebrate, Educate and Appreciate Diversity (CEAD) Conference at Eastern Oregon University. 
  • Easton-Brooks, D. (2014). Keynote speaker, Martin Luther King Celebration at Eastern Oregon University. 
  • Easton-Brooks, D. (2010). Keynote speaker, Greenville College Graduate Student Graduation Commencement.
  • Easton-Brooks, D. (2007). Wealth and African American education.UNT Chapter of the National Alliance of Black School Educators. 
  • Easton-Brooks, D. (2007). African American families in poverty. Presented in the course Current Research and Issues in Family Sciences at Texas Woman’s University
  • Easton-Brooks, D. (2007). Using Play to enhance children’s cognitive development.The 2006 Velma E. Schmidt Programs Fall Conference on Early Childhood Education.
  • Easton-Brooks, D. (2005). Becoming human in the eyes of our peers. [iTune Podcast program]. Central Washington University. 

Academic Presentations 

Presentations (Invited)

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