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Assisting Orgainzations, States, Schools, and University with creating diversity, equity, and inclusive systems and practices

The DEI Playbook

The DEI Playbook was developed based on my award winning work and my years of experience to guide organizations through proven strategies in creating a Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) workforce and at the same time responding to a more diverse clientele. These practices require an environment that is welcoming, inviting, and displays a humanistic message of respect and value for all. In our current landscape, DEI practices are critical for the growth and sustainability of an organization. The DEI Playbook is designed to assist organizations as they navigate these practices through base on four strategic steps: See below:


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Other Projects


Ethnic Matching in Education Research 
Over 10-years of research on Ethnic Matching shows that there is e need for diversifying  the education field. The research shows that generally when students of color have at least one teacher of color during elementary school they do academically better on reading and math assessments. This research also shows that when White teachers work in a school with at least 30% teachers of color, these teachers are more effective in engaging with students of color. More so, this research shows that when professionals of color attended public school, 80% reported they had positive interaction with White teachers when they had at least 4 teachers of color during their public school career. In comparison, 56% who had at least 1 teacher of color had a positive relationship with White teachers.  


Oregon Educator Equity Advisory Group
Chaired and assisted in establishing the Oregon Educator Equity Advisory Group, which  is a 20-member group convened by the Oregon’s Chief Education Office charged to:

  • • Research, coordinate and oversee legislative reports deriving from SB 755 that outline Oregon’s current status and progress toward diversifying the educator workforce and to spotlight/recommend/drive needed practices and policies;
  • • Ensure that the voices of culturally and linguistically citizens in Oregon are engaged in examining root causes, current assets, and needed changes in policy and practices that can help diversify Oregon’s educator workforce;
  • • Review progress and results from funded state investments intended to recruit, prepare, retain, and advance Oregon’s educator workforce; and,
  • • Recommend future investments for the state that can improve students’ access       to educators who more closely mirror our K-12 student population demographics


The Oregon Teacher Pathway (OTP) 
OTP is a grow your own teacher program that is designed to 
1) recruit, educate, and graduate culturally and linguistically diverse students who are interested in becoming teachers; and 
2) recruit, educate, and graduate students interested in learning how to become culturally responsive teachers.


The USD Teacher Pathway program
The Teacher Pathway program is centered on increasing the number of teachers of color and culturally responsive teachers in schools. To Accomplish this, USD partners with local schools to encourage, mentor, recruit, support and graduate quality candidates to serve in the more diverse 21st century classroom.

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