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What Narrative Will You Create?

Donald Easton-Brooks is an award winning author and is internationally-recognized as a critical quantitative culturally responsive scholar. He is best known for introducing the concept “ethnic matching” to the field of education. 

Upcoming Speaking Engagments

10/2020 Diversity Workshop - Nevada Museum of Art

10/2020 Building Pathways for Success:  Recruitment and Retention of Communities of Color - University of Kansas

9/2020 Cultural Response to Education - Nevada Museum of Art 

7/2020 Blackness and Ethnic-Matching - University of Kansas 

6/2020 Disrupting Racial and Ethnic Inequities in Urban and Rural Special Education Deans' Panel. Ohio State University CANCELLED: CONVID-19

5/5/2020 One-Book Conversation: Illinois State University

4/2020 Keynote: Greenville University CANCELLED: CONVID-19

2/2020 Keynote: Kizzie: Creating a Pathway. Lassen Community College

1/2020 Keynote. Critical Conversations in Urban Education - Drexel University. 

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Creating a Narrative

NevadaToday Unpacked Podcast: Donald Easton-Brooks leads as an example of the power of education and perseverance


This is a verse titled Where the Flowers Bloom from my book State of Mind: Journey Through the Hills and Valleys of Life. The book is a collection of shared life moments through poetry (my thoughts) as an expression of thanks to her (poetry) for saving my life, as poetry (my thoughts) has indeed been a lifesaver.  

Dr. Easton-Brooks’ Featured Scholarship

Work has been cited internationally on matters of educational policies and effective practices in equitable education 

The Crises are Coming: Social Media Challenges Facing Higher Education Leadership

Teacher qualification and the achievement gap in early primary grades

Ethnic-matching: The influence of African American teachers on the reading scores of African American students

Wealth, Traditional Socioeconomic Indicators, and The Achievement Debt

Dr. Easton-Brooks’ Blogs

Schools in Transition: Creating a Diverse School Commuity

Here as share my views on topics related to education and educational equity

Promoting Excellence in Educational Equity

II have a passion for equity, diversity, and inclusion as my research, work, and career has been centered on ways to engage diverse populations and removing barriers that make it challenging for all students to succeed.

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